Classmates Not Yet Found 

Below is a current list of individuals that we do not have any contact information for so we need your help.   If you know how to contact anyone on the list, please do so and let them know about the web site.  Also, ask them to e-mail us so that we can add them to our confidentially kept e-mail list used for batch e-mails to our classmates.   If you have any leads on how we can find someone, let us know.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to join us for the 40th reunion.  Even if they can't make this reunion, we will make sure their updated information is entered into the database which will be used for future reunions when we are really, really OLD!
 Deborah Adams
Michael Andrew
Sarah Antrim
Jim Barnett
Edward Becker
Greg Beierwaltes
Patrick Beinlich
Peggy Bergstrom
Phil Bergstrom
Beth Berlinger (Balaban)
Renee Binkley
Deborah Branman
Paul Braun
Gary Breen
Kathy Brewer (Lapinsky)
Denise Brown
Marcia Brown
Holly Bruno (Haff)
Mark Bryza
Victoria Buegel
John Bunkelman
Marlene Chelemsky (Demilliano)
Coleen Clark
Vivian Clark
Tim Cole
Jamee Cordell
Clayton Curry
Tom Curry
Timothy Danner
Judith Dwyer
John Felton
Patricia Flanigan
Debbie Fleming (MacCarone)
Paula Fowles
Pat Fragassi
Sue Frake (Fillipan)
John France 
Peggy Francis
Pete Ganey
Scott Gould
Frank Greco
Kathy Guy
Pam Hahn
Shirley Hayes
Joe Hein
Robert Heitmann
Bonnie Henker (Dokken)
Dale Herzog
John Hogan
Christine Homan
Jim Hughes
Bill Jaeger
Linda Johnson
Susan Johnson (Clifton)
Pam Johnson
Debbie Jones
Richard Junge
Frank Juzwik
Debra Kaye
Kathy Kolthoff (Talbott)
Larry Koontz
Bruce Krueger
Kenneth Kuffel
Kim Kuhr
Ken LaCost
Jenni LaCroix
William Lange
Ginger Langdon (Long)
Christopher Lee
Wade Lewis
Ralph Lilly
Sue Linde
Nancy Linhart
Debra Lynn
James Lynn
Bonnie MacMillin (Slobodien)
Karen Mahoney
Michael McCarthy
Janet McDonnell (Trower)
Jack McMahon
Catherine Memoli
Rosemary Meyer (Blata)
Curtis Michelson
Sheila Miller
Steve Mink
Eric Mooney
Connie Moore Mitchell
Steve Morgan
Larry Mullen
George Nowak
James Patrick
Connie Patton
Emily Peller
Wayne Penfold
Chris Peterson
Linda Poehls
Marti Pritchard (Shuler)
Valerie Randall
Jackie Reding
Bill Richardson
Peggy Richter
George Riemer
Debbie Roach
Lorne Robertson
Mark Roltsch
Steve Roseman
Jeffrey Roth
Michele Sarni
Scott Schufreider
Steven Schultz
Donna Shulhafer
Debbie Simons
Sandi Sinclaire
Linda Singer (Thomas)
Thomas Slough
Peggy Slown
Roland Smith
Steve Smith
Marsha Stache
Deborah Stewart (Malpas)
Richard Stork
Greg Strumfeld
Fred Suess
Monica Swartz
Steven Swift
Louis Toscano
Thomas Van Deusen
Nancy Van deWerken (Dinwiddie)
William Vaughn
Alfred Vera
Gregory Waldron
Deborah Wallers (Christensen)
Dan Webber
Stuart Whitaker
Peggy Wilhelm (Allen)
Richard Wright
Mary Zander