Showcase Your Talent(s)
If you have a website address that displays your talents, please send me that address and I will post it on this page for classmates to access.  I know some of you have your website address listed on your profile.    I would like to add this page as a central location in addition to your profile location.

If you do not have a website to display your talents, please send me photos/descriptions of artwork,  writings, etc. and contact information to post on this page.

If you are interested in selling your work through our "Talents" website page, please include distributor URL or other contact information. Purchases may be made either through the press or distribution source officially handling the sales, or directly with the seller.
We have  many talented classmates amongst us.  Enjoy

Julie (Jordan) Hanson, Writer

Unbeknownst won the Iowa Poetry Prize in 2010 and was published by the University of Iowa Press in 2011.   In 2012, the book placed as a finalist in the 2012 Kate Tufts Discovery Award.
My work has been published in venues on-line as well. You can read the first poem in Unbeknownst on The Daily Palette
A poem that serves as the final poem to the manuscript of my next book was published in the New Ohio Review.   The poem is featured on the journal’s web site as a sample from issue #8.
Just scroll down to Julie Hanson in the Table of Contents and click on the poem title: “Qu’est-ce qu’il y a?”
The Christopoulos Brothers
George and Joe
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of their CD which includes the above song, contact George directly at
Be sure to provide your mailing address.
W. J Cherf, Author

W.J. Cherf is the author of The First Soul. Book I, The Lictor of Magic. Book II, and I Am the Storm

Book III of The Adventures of J. J. Stone and the award-winning The Manuscripts of the Richards' Trust:

Bow TieRecoveryChildren of PtahImhotep, and Maat-ka-re.

Visit my author page at: 


You can order in either ebook or paperback from:,, and Barnes & Noble. 


Visit me at: to keep abreast the latest news in Egyptology

and to read FREE chapters.


Click below to view Jude's artistic talents:

Words from Larry Cimaglio:
Just to let you know, I went into "semi" retirement 7 years ago and opened my own studio.  I am a glass artist and do quite a few shows in the area as I live in Wheaton. I wonder if you could list me in the "talents" section?
It is so sad to read of the classmates who have passed.  I used to hang with Tim Wiese and Jim Soukup.  We still try to get together every year or so.  We all worked over at the Navy Base housing during the summer.  We once went to camp with Tim's parents in the summer of '68 and Mary Papa and her friends were in the cabin near us.  She was such a great person. 
My younger brother, Charlie died last March.  He had become more than "just" family. He became my best friend.  Knowing that he had a short time here and I was "semi" retired, I would visit him on Thursdays up in Gurnee. It became a way for him to talk it through.  Being with him as he let go of this life to travel on has changed me forever.  Where before, I was unaffected by the "passing", it has become so much more profound.
   Enjoy Larry's website:                  Larry Cimaglio


Terry O'Donnell

Artistic Photographer



George Christopoulos (and family)

We all know the musical talents of George and the Christopoulos family. 

We  now have the pleaseure of enjoying the musical talents of George and Cindy's son, Andrew.

Here is a song that George and Andrew wrote and Andrew performs:

Know Your Name

Andrew has started a website where you can purchase his music from CD Baby and keep up with his career:

Music Video Also available through iTunes


Mary Barnes-Gingrich, Artist 

Fine Art Prints of some of my paintings are available in many sizes on paper or canvas and even as cards at a very low cost.  You can pick a frame too, if you'd like.  Go to the following link below and once open, click on an image to see the possibilities.

Classical Music CD Offered by Mary Barnes-Gingrich
"Time Beyond Me"

Brahms, Beethoven and Bach performed by Daniel Gingrich, Associate principal hornist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (husband of Mary Barnes-Gingrich) Dawn Gingrich, violin (daughter) and Heng-Jin Park, Piano.

Order CD Direct from Mary Barnes-Gingrich at