Class of 1970

Home of the Titans

W. J Cherf, Author

W.J. Cherf is the author of


I Am Jonathan, I Am Gregory, I Am Krait, and I Am Peter, a new sci-fi 

series about twenty-forth century mercenaries, 


The Magician's Tomb, Netherworld's Gate, and Dhampirica, and Hallowed Promises

of the series Adventures in Paranormal Archaeology, 


The First Soul, The Lictor of Magic,  I Am the Storm, and Dark Blade of the series

The Adventures of J. J. Stone,


and  the author of the award-winning


The Manuscripts of the Richards' Trust:

Bow Tie, Recovery, Children of Ptah, Imhotep, Maat-ka-re, and
Iron from the Sky.


All of these books are available as either eBooks or paperbacks from Non-Kindle eBook versions are available from


Visit my author page at:  

 to keep abreast of the news in Egyptology,
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