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Dear lovers of books worth reading. 


Yarns that deserve several rereads.


My two book series couldn’t be more different.


The Manuscripts of the Richards’ Trust is a five-book series that deals with time travel, ancient Egypt, post-Cold War tensions, and the central question: is changing the past worth preserving the present? And if so, at what cost?


The Adventures of J.J. Stone, on the other hand, is a three-book series about a young man from North Texas, born and raised military and Southern Baptist. During a horrific fire fight in Iraq, Stone’s life dramatically changes. He discovers the world is far more complex and that his destiny is to defend good against unimaginable evil.


W.J. Cherf is the author of The First Soul. Book I, The Lictor of Magic. Book II, and I Am the Storm

Book III of The Adventures of J. J. Stone and the award-winning The Manuscripts of the Richards' Trust:

Bow TieRecoveryChildren of PtahImhotep, and Maat-ka-re.

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