Photo Albums
I have set up an album titled "Photos from Classmates".  Please feel free to upload your pictures to that album and be sure to identify all people in the pictures.

If you have pictures from the 35th or 40th reunions, please feel free to upload pictures into those albums.

Glenview As We Knew It
Photos from Classmates
2013 - Class of '70 World Record Relay at GBS
2011 Class Celebration & GBS 50th
50 + 2 Reunion 2022
40th Reunion - 2010 - Book 1 of 2
40th Reunion - 2010 - Book 2 of 2
35th Reunion - 2005
20th Reunion - 1990
Elementary Schools
RUGEN SCHOOL - Miss Browns 3rd Grade Class.   Plaid shirt clockwise - Jim Barnett, Kim (Smith?), Gary Carlstrand, Jon Barth, Terry Vanderwoerdt, Barb Scott, Steve Tharnstrom, Pat Spain, David Wert, Catherine Johns
RUGEN SCHOOL 1962 - 4th Grade
Front L-R  Steve Blayney, 
Ralph Lilly, Brock Ely, 
Rex Johnson, Bill Beck, Tom Russo.
Mid L-R Sue Batts, Sherry Brumund, Kathy Holyoke, Scott Perlet, Dick Moore, Steve Roberts.
Back L-R  Carol Meynen, Paula Fowles, Conn
Carol Meynen, Debbie Mason, John Ruthman and Gail Johnson.  Mrs. Howards first grade class at Rugen.
Kathy Holyoke and Sue Batts in Mrs. Manns 3rd grade class at Rugen.
RUGEN SCHOOL 2005  Front L-R   Ted Gradt, Glenn Nelson, Sue Batts, Catherine Johns, Steve Roberts, Diane Krall.   Back Row L-R   Gary Carlstrand, Dick Moore, Chris Campbell, Jon Barth, Ken Krueger, John Ruthman, Merrilee Bornzin, Carol Meynen, John Poust,
Front L-R Laurie Potts, Louise Mueller, Pam Brockman, Jan Drimalla, Ellen Cobb, Linda Pedian Cathy Carmichael, Debbie Witek  
 Back L-R  Bruce Krumholz, Gary Carlstrand, Jack Kausel, Carol Hultgren, Steffen Maute, Cathy Snyder, Wendy
Front L-R  Cathy Carmichael, Kevin Rielley, Julie Schnell, Denise Brown, Brian Sommer, Paula Curlee.  Back L-R   Lincoln Little, Carole Tupy, Tim Wiese, Steve Salgan.
mrs. coles a.m class at rugen school.  

bottom row...l to r....
----?  corky pfister, gail johnson,---? janice lyke, maggie mc clelland, karin stevens, sherry brummund, kathy holyoke and cindy collins.

top row....
staff campbell, terry vanderwordt
Front L-R ______?, Marian Dunshee, Linda Pedian, Chuck_____?, _____? _____?, Fred Stamm.
Mid L-R Skip Fry, Cindy Demetrius, Rick Judd, Pam Butler, ____?, Mary Barnes, _____?, Wayne Penfold, Dale Koop, Ken Brandt, Liz Young.
Back L-R Tom Jenkins, Terry M
Rugen School, L-R Bob Frigosi, Gary Carlstrand, Chris Campbell, Sherry Brummond, Cathy Johns, Kathy Morris
Rugen School Gymnasium
Glenview Jr. High School
Glenbrook South High School Pictures - Teachers & Class of 1970 Students
Our Growing Families
Diane Krall Garvens and her husband, Bill, on Christmas 2016
Christmas Eve Dinner 2016.  Diane Krall Garvens with daughters Katrina and Bonnie
Diane Krall Garvens Daughters Katrina and Bonnie and Son-in-Law Kevin, 2016
Diane Krall Garvens and her husband Bill, grandsons Will (2.5 yrs) and Atticus (1 month), 2016
My Mother and me on my birthday, September, 2016.  She will be turning 89 in January!  How many remember she worked at GBS?