In The News

Top Headlines of 1970

Chicago 7 Are Acquitted of Conspiracy To Riot - 5 Found Guilty of Lesser Charges.

South Whites Storm Bus to Prevent Integration

National Guard Opens Fire Killing Four Students at Kent State University

Nixon Asks Vote for 18 Year Olds

747 With 379 Aboard Hijacked to Cuba

Soviet Cosmonauts Set New Record of 17 Days in Space

Nation Celebrates Earth Day

Stocks Rise 32.04 in Record Day

Penn Central Asks for Bankruptcy Reorganization

New York Abortion Law Takes Effect, Most Liberal in USA

Sterling Hall Bombing, University of Wisconsin, Madison

200,000 Are Killed in East Pakistan Cyclone Tidal Wave

Guitarist Jimi Hendrix Dies

Singer Janis Joplin Dies

Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Goes into Affect

Senate Curbs Defacto School Segregation

Biafra Surrenders After 32-Month Fight for Independence from Nigeria

Rhodesia Severs Last Tie with British Crown and Declares Itself a Racially Segregated Republic

U.S. Troops Invade Cambodia

A Palestinian Revolt Erupts in Jordan.  Forces Loyal to King Hussein Suppress the Revolt and Expel the PLO from the Country

Earthquake Kills More Than 50,000 in Peru

Egyptian President Nasser Dies and is Replaced by Anwar el-Sadat

Tonga and Fiji Gain Independence from Britian

1970 Economy/Prices

President:  Richard M. Nixon
Vice President:  Spiro T. Agnew

Population:  205,052,174
Life Expectancy:  70.8 Years

High:  842
Low:  669

Federal Spending:  $195.65 Billion
Federal Debt:  $380.9 Billion
Inflation:  6.5%
Consumer Price Index:  38.8
Unemployment:  3.5%

Cost of a New Home:   $26,600.00
Median Household Income:  $8,734.00
Cost of a First-Class Stamp:  6 cents
Cost of a Gallon of Regular Gas:  36 cents
Cost of a Dozen Eggs:  62 cents
Cost of a Gallon of Milk:  $1.15