Copies of E-Mailed Newsletters Sent to Our Classmates





December 1, 2017



Hey Classmates,


It’s that time of the year again.  Looking for great gift ideas? Look no farther.  We have talented classmates who would love to have their talents under a Christmas tree.


All of these wonderful items can be found on our class website Talents page.


We have oil paintings, etchings, artistic photography, glass artwork, music, books and more.  


Please support our classmates and enjoy their work with a gift to yourself or for gifts to family and friends.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  



Debbie Mason Grundgeiger


April 8, 2017



RE:    Mavis Meigs’ Son


Hi Classmates


I recently received the following note via our class website. 


You have received a message from your website:

Name: Garth Waddups 



Comments: I want to thank whoever made this website, my mom was Mavis Ann Meigs, and she was a very wonderful woman. I was 19 when she died, and I am 37 now. Unfortunately, she was very quiet about her contributions to the world, which were many, and i appreciate your mentioning her on this page. she used to speak of her high school days very fondly. so to whomever you may be, thank you !  


I wrote back to Garth with this response:



On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 3:39 PM, Debbie Grundgeiger <> wrote:


Hi Garth,


I was glad to receive your message regarding your mother, Mavis.  I knew your mother starting in grade school and through high school.  She was always a very nice person.  I was sorry to hear of her passing.


I would like to send a letter out to our classmates letting them know I heard from you.  Would you mind if I include your email address in the letter?  I would love to have some of our classmates write to you about their memories of your mother during her school days.


I wish Mavis was still with us.  It would be so much fun for her to join us at reunions.


Best regards,

Debbie Mason Grundgeiger


He responded:


of course that would be ok! I would really like that.

Thank you.


And this morning he wrote:


...also, I just want you to know, that when I clicked on your page, I was on google searching my grandmother Brenda Meigs' name because she passed away 2 months ago (may she rest in peace) and I wanted to sign the guestbook, as well as read some of the comments, which were very thoughtful and heartfelt, but mostly addressed to my aunts and uncles...I didn't read my mother's name once...I thought to myself, "it hasn't been that long...1999 was not long ago!"  so I typed her name into google and thats when I clicked on your link. before I watched the Simon and Garfunkel video, and saw my moms picture on there, which I am sure you are aware of my mother's love for that particular duo, and that particular song, I was beginning to feel the family forgetting the wonderful person she was... thank you for keeping spirits alive. there are good people everywhere who are never acknowledged for the light they bring into the world, and my mom brought light with her everywhere she went.  thank you.




For those who remember Mavis, and would like to write, please send your memories to Garth at


I have located an obituary for Mavis and have added it to to her picture on the In Memory page of our class website.  Please stop by and read it.


Hope all is well with lots of happiness in your lives.


Spring has sprung, birds are singing, life is good. 


Take care and be well.


Debbie Mason Grundgeiger 


November 14, 2016                        

Hi Classmates,

Hope you all are well and happy in your life endeavors.

The holidays are fast approaching and that means we will be looking for gift ideas for family and friends.  Well, look no farther!

As you all know, we have talented classmates who are displaying their goods on our class website, including paintings, artistic photography, books, music, etchings, ceramics and glass art.

I encourage you all to stop by our website,, under the Talents page to see all the wonderful items to choose from.  

Classmates who currently have their items displayed on our website are welcome to make additions/changes to your info, and those who wish to start displaying items, please do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance you may need.

We have a new photo album:  Our Growing Families.   Please feel free to email me family photos of your children/grandchildren/whole family to be placed in this new album.  Include names, ages and date of photo, or whatever information you wish to include.  It has been great seeing photos on Facebook over the years, so lets start getting some of these on our class website too.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and good health in the coming year(s).

Happiness to all,

Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

P.S    To all our classmates who receive this mailing, which is  sent via our class website, please contact classmates who you stay in touch with and make sure they have received this letter.  I do not have the ability to view emails that are kicked
back, so I cannot keep track of what classmates are not receiving mailings due to changes in their email addresses to be able to notify them. 

Copies of mailings are also posted on our website under Newsletters.

June 4, 2015


Hi Classmates,


It is approaching 5 years since our class website was started, and renewal time for both the website and the domain name is upon us.  We have until July 15, 2015 to make the payment.  Because I continue to receive very positive comments from a lot of you, I will again sign up for 5 years.  This will give us the best price.


The current renewal price for 5 years is $449.00.  They are currently running a special discount of 25% (we were able to use a 25% discount also 5 years ago) which will bring the total cost for the 5 years down to $336.75.


We are blessed to have a healthy class checking account in the amount of $1,319.93.  This is thanks to the auction we had at the last reunion, which brought us over $800.00.  It also includes classmates donations to the account.


The checking account needs only to maintain a minimum of $250.00 to avoid bank fees, and I am glad to report that none of our class money has ever gone to bank fees.


Please know that donations are always welcome and can be made on our Donations page of the website or checks can be sent directly to me.  Make checks payable to 

GBS 1970 and send it to me at:


3041 Handel St.

           Black Earth, WI  53515


Over time for one reason or another we might change our email address.  Sometimes we do not remember to change the new email address at various locations..  If you are in contact with classmates who you know have changed their email address over the last few years, please get in touch with them and make sure they have changed it on their profile page.


Be well and happy, and enjoy your Summer.


Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

April 9, 2015


In reflecting on Jay's passing last month, Steve Eich '70 thought that it would be a good idea to "do something" to combat this horrible disease that also took his brother Ron's life nearly two years ago. 

There is going to be a fundraiser (5K Run/Walk) for pancreatic cancer next month on Saturday, May 2 in Chicago starting at Belmont Harbor.  Jay's wife Jayne is completely supportive of going ahead and starting a team.  In fact, Jay's daughter Lindsay will be participating in the same event in Detroit that weekend near where she lives. They came together on the name: Ron and Jay All the Way.

PurpleStride Chicago 2015


Steve registered the team at their website, and thought anyone else who knew Jay or Ron, might be interested in registering and participating on this "team." It would be fun to get as many together as possible to just walk together, remember these guys, and have some fun.  Maybe a beverage or two afterwards nearby might be in order as well.

Email Steve for any questions or to confirm that you will join him at Belmont Harbor on May 2 -


Best regards,

Craig Wiemer
mobile ph:  847-309-9562

August 28, 2014
Greetings Classmates,
What a great time of year - summer winding down, cool mornings, great weather for running, jogging, boating, dog walking - all sorts of outdoor activities without the heat!
The 12th Annual Wiemer GBS Golf Outing was a lot of fun with a great turnout!  Thank you Wiemer brothers for such a good time.   I look forward to next year.  Maybe I'll even join in the golfing.  Pictures of this event have been posted on the Welcome page of our class website.
If you are not already aware, Bill Cherf has authored a new book titled
Maat-ka-re.  Information about this book (number 5) is posted on the Talents page.  Please stop by and order your book on line, or go to your local Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy.  Also, stop by Bill's website. (!   You'll find a lot of interesting information.  Congratulations Bill, you have proven to be a very good story teller.
We have new photo albums that have been added to our Photo Albums page.  The first album is called "Glenview As We Knew It".  There are a lot of photos of Glenview from when we grew up there.  Glenview has changed a bit since then!  Those were the days!
The second new album is called "20th Reunion - 1990".  We have Catherine Johns to thank for digging out and providing these wonderful photos from our 20th reunion.  It is amazing how big the hair was back in those days!  And the curls!!!  What more can be said!!
As you all are probably aware, many people across the country and throughout the world have been taking the ALS Challenge.  It has brought tremendous attention to a horrible disease and I have heard recently they have raised over 100 million dollars.   What a wonderful accomplishment to help work toward finding a cure for this disease.  Three of our classmates have taken the challenge and were kind enough to send me the videos.  They have been placed on our website on the Happenings page.  Enjoy!
Also on the Happenings page, you will find videos of Cindy Davidson cooking up a storm on a local television station in Georgia.  I haven't yet tried the recipes, but they sure sound delicious.    Thank you Cindy for allowing me to post these on our website.  I'll be trying the new recipes soon.  I have already made your Cherry Strudel a number of times - it is soooooo good and easy to make.
I want to take a moment to thank everyone, if I haven't already, for the support I have received from many of you in providing information about happenings in your lives for inclusion on our class website. This is what helps make our website fun, interesting and informative.  No matter the distance in miles between us, the site brings us together.
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, stay safe and well. 
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger  


June 5, 2014

Mark Your Calendar
Get Registered For:

12th Annual Wiemer

GBS Golf Outing

Saturday, July 12, 2014
If you are interested in playing, contact Mark Wiemer at 

before June 15, 2014.
Golf will be in Buffalo Grove since the Glenview Park District course on Shermer Road will be closed for renovations.

$70.00 per golfer is due in advance.  It covers greens fee, golf cart, and fabulous prizes.  First tee time is 11:30 a.m.

41 golfers are playing so far that include:

GBS Class of -
1968:  Bill Bovee, Cliff Theriault, Tom Willis
1970:  Mark Wiemer, Bob Bovee, Paul Anderson, Jon Barth, Steve Eich, George Frake, Jack Kausal
1971:  Bob Brewer, Rick Frake, Wayne Harer
1972:  John Boyles, Maureen Burke O'Donnell,   
Paul Engelhard, Deedee Hall Brannigan, Bud Loprest, Steve Mast, Scott Merrill, Dennis Reitz, Monica Santos, Judy Stanley Bland, Letty Swanson Lebamoff, Duffy Swift, Bill Theriault, Craig Wiemer
1973:   Rusty Allen, Jack Donovan, Julie Hackett, Jim Holloway, Jan Heinlein Powers, Nancy Lang Parker, Larry Montalto, Nick Pauly, Pat Powers, Cathy Tinen Mann, Glen Tracy.

After the golf outing, meet the golfers, spouses, and other GBS alumni for cash bar at 7:30 pm at Pinstripes on Willow Road, just west of Waukegan Road.

The golfers should arrive at Pinstripes by 7:30 p.m.  Some of us plan toget there about 6:00 p.m. for dinner.  If you care to join us before the golfers arrive, let me know or just come when you can.  Debbie Mason Grundgeiger


November 27, 2013
Hi Classmates:
We have more talent to enjoy!
Debby Wilson DeBoor has provided a recording of her beautiful voice singing a song she sings every year at Christmas time. 
It can be heard on the Welcome page of our class website.
Everyone, have fun, be safe and don't eat too much tomorrow!
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

April 21, 2013


Hi - 

You are invited to our Springtime Class of '70 two-act re-union event next Saturday April 27th.  

First, cheer on our Class of '70 - 200 Yard Freestyle relay at GBS - 2:30 PM and/or join us for dinner and drinks at Hackneys - 5:00!!!  

 Representing the GBS Class of '70 is Jon Barth, Rusty Cobb, John Neff and Bob Spaulding with Bill Cherf as alternate at this "Wild and Crazy Big Dance": the Illinois Masters State Swimming Championship.  This will be held at none other than the Glenbrook South H.S. Natatorium on Saturday April 27th.  The relay team is attempting to set a GBS Class of '70 - 200 Free Relay World Record in the 55-64 age group category, maybe even win a coveted State Championship Swimming Gold Medal to boot.

 Brief swim bios on this Motley Swim Crew: 

 Jon Barth: Willing to sacrifice his body for the good of the team. He recently showed off his swimming prowess and almost drowned. Jon is a consummate business man always looking to protect his most prized assets as he asked: Should I wear a Jock Strap? (NO!), what about swim goggles? (YES!)

 John Neff: Pulled out of a comfortable swimming retirement of over 40 years. He was a remarkably good GBS Breaststroker, he swims the same as he did when he last hung-up his GBS H.S. swimsuit (hopefully he'll have purchased a new swimsuit by then.)

Rusty Cobb: The perennial athlete who claims to swim 1 KM / day!

 Bob Spaulding: Watch him in his annual chase for that proverbial carrot of winning an Illinois Masters Swim Championship.  What will happen if he actually wins and eats his coveted carrot?  Will he hang-up his swimsuit and goggles for good? Nobody knows...

 Bill Cherf: Flying in from Denver for this wild and crazy event.  Bill will be at poolside wildly cheering the relay team on, ready to jump in and save the life of any drowning relay member, putting his own life at risk.  Wow, what a guy!

 The swim event will be around 3:00 PM, so get there by 2:30 under the GBS Class of '70 banner (you can't miss it).  After the swim event, all of you are invited to Hackney's at 5:00 for dinner, spirits, and more fun.  $20 for dinner at the door, run your own tab for spirits.

 RSVP for Hackney's reservations. The first 35 will have inside seating, the rest of us will dine under the stars on this warm (relatively speaking) evening.  Looking forward to seeing you once again!!!


Bob Spaulding 


November 23, 2013

Greetings Again Classmates:
More good news from our talented classmates. 
Bill Cherf has made a video talking about the books he has authored.
Please see this video on the Welcome page of our class website and also on the Talents page where information is available for ordering his books.
You are going to love this video and his books, too!  Spread the word!
Happy Holidays,

Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

February 27, 2013


Hi Classmates:

We have a cooking celebrity!

Please go to our class website ( to HAPPENINGS page and see who it is!  Enjoy the video of her cooking on a local TV station in Georgia.  Our celebrity cook has provided her recipe for our enjoyment.    It looks delicious!!!!!  I can't wait to make it!

More additions to our class website:

Keep up with news happenings in Glenview and at GBS.  See the following links added to the GLENVIEW page:


                   Trib Local - Glenview News

                   Glenview Announcements

                   GBS Daily Bulletins

                   District 225 Newsletter

                   District Updates

                   Glenview Wikipedia


If anyone has photos of their kids, grandkids, themselves, etc. that you would like to share with others, please forward them to me and I will post them on the HAPPENINGS page.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Winter.  I sure am looking forward to Spring, how about you?

Be well,

Debbie Mason Grundgeiger



November 20, 2013

Hi Everyone:
If you are looking for gift ideas for any occasion, whether for yourself, friends or family members, George and Joe Christopoulos have a wonderful CD out with beautiful music.
One of the songs on the album "My Favorite Time of Year" can be heard on our class website, on the Welcome page and also on the Talents page.  Please stop by and watch this music video.
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the CD, please contact George directly at and be sure to provide him with your mailing address.
Hope all is well with everyone.  Have a great and safe holiday season.
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger
P.S.    Please spread the word about the availability of this CD with anyone you   know who loves great music performed by a talented family.

November 20, 2012
Hi Classmates:
I recently received a letter from Connie Ford-Pacheco about the Glenview Naval Air Station Museum and Challenger Learning Center that is being talked about.
We all have many memories, good and bad, about the Naval Base while growing up in Glenview. It was a part of our lives and the memories will always be with us.
Below is a link to the petition that is being circulated to help get this project off the ground.
Please take the time to sign the petition and be a part of what will be a great center of memories that we grew up with.
Sign Petition Here
Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

April 9, 2011
 Happy Spring Everyone!
Over the last few months, we've had some classmates find us including Mike Welter (included photo on profile), Connie Ford and Randy Davidsen. Stop by and get reacquainted.
Please keep your eyes open for more missing classmates!
Clay Harvey's son Sean wrote and was wondering if anyone knew of a recording of GBS's school song "Blue and Gold" written by Clay Harvey. He has seen one on YouTube, but said the recording was very bad. If anyone knows where he can obtain a good recording, please let me know. I will forward the information to him. Sean says his father died in 1973 and Sean would like to have a copy for the family.
I have posted the January mass e-mail on our class website under Mailings for classmates who do not receive these mailings.   I will post all  future mass e-mailings on this page.
Another new page I have added is Glenview which includes information/facts about Glenview, news articles, and books about Glenview and the Naval Base. This page will be added to as more information presents itself including news happenings in Glenview and more history about Glenview. Stop by often and see what has been added. If you have any news concerning Glenview, please forward it to me to be included on the Glenview page.
Don't forget to stop by the Updates page which is also added to periodically.

We have had some activity on our pages Happenings, Talents, Business Ads and Let's Talk.  See what some of our classmates have posted.  Great contributions!  Let's see more from our classmates!
If you are in the Glenview area or will be in the area this summer, stop by Ravinia's website - and check out their scheduled shows for this summer.   General public tickets go on sale
April 27th and can be purchased on line at the Ravinia website. Jim Byrne is planning on going to Ravinia throughout the summer and wants everyone to know the shows he and friends will be attending. Jim can be reached at if you would like to meet up with him at any of the shows.
                             Moody Blues:          6-11-11
                             Robert Plant:           6-16-11
                             BoDeans:                  7-29-11
                             Los Lonely Boys
                              And Los Lobos:      8-10-11
                             Steely Dan:               8-12-11
                             Chicago:                    8-27-11
                             And More
Double check all dates with Jim at his e-mail address:

 All of Jim's tickets are on the lawn near the Pavilion. Don't wait long to order tickets on line - some shows sell out fast! 

Also, Jim will be going to Cub's games this summer.  Contact him at if you want to meet up with him for some of the games.

Lastly, I have posted the video of the Bald Eagle Family live from Iowa, under Happenings page. Live camera coverage is 24/7 including the use of a night vision camera. Stop by often and watch the parents and eaglets interact. 
Take care everyone and have a great Summer.
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger


June 4, 2011

Greetings Classmates:
We've had a very strange and short Spring this year, but now it suddenly feels like Summer, 90 degrees - way to early for upper Midwest people!
Some unhappy news has been brought to my attention - we have lost
Scott Aishton. As many of you are aware, Scott was married to Kathy Kupskey of our class.
Not only is Bill Cherf the author of Bow Tie. The First Manuscript of the Richards' Trust, but he has now authored a second book Recovery. The Second Manuscript of the Richards' Trust. Congratulations Bill!!! Both books can be ordered via our class website page "Talents".
Be sure to check out the "Glenview" page on our class website. Additional information regarding Glenview is available for viewing including "Chicago from the Sky - A Region Transformed" which shows the air station before and after development, and "Glenview 2011 Summer Events". Also, the Fall of 2010 GBS Newsletter (latest one available) has been added to the "Glenview" page. News articles pertaining to Glenview are added periodically to this page.
And Now For The Big News:
Glenbrook South High School has posted information for their 50th Anniversary Celebration.   Please go to the new page on our class website called "GBS 50th Events" to access the following links:
Commemorative Book
Steering Committee
Giving Back
GBS Facebook Page
If anyone has information they would like posted on our class website or sent out in a mass e-mail to our classmates, please forward the information to me.
Have a great and safe Summer!
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

September, 2011
Hi Classmates:
Thank you classmates who have jumped in and signed up (and even paid) for our Class of 1970 Celebration on the weekend of October 15th and 16th
Time is flying - We're looking for More Reservations!  Please take the time today to RSVP. You can either send in a check or pay by credit card on line. How much easier can it be?    Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Spread the word!
Additions have been added to our class website in celebration of GBS's 50th.
Go to our website (www.glenbrooksouth1970) and open GBS 50th Events page. Scroll down to see what some of our teachers look like today. Also, GBS has put together a video interview with graduates of GBS including our own Victoria Hamburg. This video can be seen on the GBS 50th Events page of our website. Looking farther down on the same website page, you will have access to a collection of photos taken over the years at GBS. Can you find yourself in any of them?
GBS is putting together a Commemorative Book for their 50th Anniversary, which can be ordered through GBS's website or accessed from our website page GBS 50th Events (on our website, go to "Commemorative Book", halfway down page "click here to order book now", click on GBS 50th Anniversary, and then choose to order and have it shipped to you or to pick up at school). The book will be available later this year and costs $15.00 through October 14th. The price increases by $5.00 after October 14th.
George Christopoulos has contributed some interesting fun facts and they can be seen on the Nostalgia page of our class website. See "The Green Thing" and "Where did "Piss Poor" come from?"
Be sure to stop by the Updates page for additional news.
That's it for now folks - Hope to hear from a lot of you soon! 
Let's get the reservations list climbing!
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger


November 6, 2011
 Hi Everyone:
Thank you to the classmates who were able to attend our Class Celebration/Sunday Brunch and GBS's weekend events on October 15th & 16th.   You made it so much fun and a successful weekend.   If you haven't yet, please stop by the Photo Albums page and look at the pictures from our weekend. They are in the album titled "2011 Class Celebration & GBS 50th.
Hope everyone is enjoying their time leading up to the holidays. No snow here yet, but I've seen on the weather maps that snow has hit some of our classmates already!
Please stop by our class website - I have just posted some new information to enjoy: 
GBS has made a music video that opened their telethon on November 4th. The video can be viewed on our class website under GBS 50th Events page. Thank you, Linda Pedian, for sending this video to my attention for everyone's enjoyment. While on that page, take a look at the video of alumni interviews and also see what some of our teachers look like today.
On the Glenview page of our class website, I have added an article entitled "Glenview Schools Had Humble Origins". It is an interesting article. Hope you enjoy it.
Best wishes for the holidays. Keep warm and stay well.

Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

December 10, 2011
Holiday Greetings:
Is everyone surviving the holiday season so far? Hope you all have happy holiday happenings.
Bill Cherf has done it again!!! His third book is completed and available. Please go to our class website page Talents to access the links for ordering Bill's books. They would make nice Christmas gifts, or purchase them for your own enjoyment. Long cold winters are a great time to catch up on your reading.    Bill has also started a new Facebook page dedicated to his writings. Go to Facebook and search W. J. Cherf. Stop by often and don't forget to Like his page.
Also on the Talents page is a link to access George and Cindy Christopoulos' son's music video. Andrew and George have written the song Know Your Name with Andrew singing the song on the video (you'll also get a kick out of seeing George on the video). Andrew has started a website so we can keep up with his music career. Andrew's website address is included on the Talents page. You can purchase their music on Andrew's website from CD Baby. Also on Andrew's website is a link to YouTube (not yet up and running) and a link to read about Andrew.
New articles about happenings in Glenview and the surrounding areas are added to the Glenview page, so don't forget to stop there periodically.
New Videos Added to Our Class Website!
GBS has put together some new videos that are now available to view on our class website. Go to GBS 50th page to view: 
50th Anniversary Picture Montage
Contains still pictures and music from every year since GBS was built.
Homecoming Parade Interviews            
Be sure to see Debby Wilson's interview and also an interview with Mr. Schoenwetter (former history teacher and coach).
GBS Homecoming Parade 2011
Watch for our group of classmates representing 1970.
And, of course, the previously posted videos produced by GBS are still available on our site for viewing.
Note, if you find that the videos are stuttering as you view them, it can be caused by a number of things including a lot of viewers watching at one time, too many programs open on your computer while watching the video, the quality of the recording, the type of recording, etc.  You've all probably experienced this problem when streaming video on your computer/television. I have found that it cuts out a lot when viewing on my iPad, but when I view it on my computer and close all other programs, I pretty much get a continuous, uninterrupted showing.   Experiment by watching the videos at different times of the day and on different days.
I'd like to encourage all classmates to take the time to write their thoughts, opinions, and views to share with others on the Let's Talk page. We've had some activity there, but I'm sure we all would enjoy hearing from more of you. Let's get some exchange of thoughts and opinions going.
Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2012!
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

January 10, 2011

Dear Classmates:
It has been 3 months and 8 days since our reunion - how time flies!
Hope your memories are long lasting!
I have made some changes/additions to our class website and would like to share them with you.
Following are new pages:
This page has been added to our website so classmates can keep us up to date with "Happenings" in their lives. 
This page allows you to share your talents with all of our classmates.
Business Ads
This page is for free advertising of your business/career.
Don't forget to add to our Visions and Reveries page. 
We have a lot of photos posted from our reunion on the Photo Album page - but there can never be too many. If you have any additional photos (including Hackney's), please share them with everyone by either uploading them to the reunion photo album or e-mailing them to me.
Please keep your Profiles updated! If you know of any classmates who have not filled in their profile, please encourage them to do so. We want everyone to be informed and to enjoy our website.
Keep your eyes open for Missing Classmates. We need to make that list shorter! 
George Christopoulos was kind enough to send a copy of a song he wrote which was inspired by our reunion. Please enjoy listening to it on our Welcome page.
Hope everyone survived and enjoyed the holidays.
Best wishes to everyone.
Debbie Mason Grundgeiger

September 10, 2010


Dear Classmates:

Have you looked at the website?  This is by far the best class website I have ever seen, and we are indebted to Debbie Mason Grundgeiger for her tremendous efforts in creating and maintaining it!

The best thing of all is that we are going to keep the website going!  It can be the touchstone for the entire class of 1970 from here on out, communicating through e-mails, pictures, and creative efforts.  You can continue to e-mail each other through the secure website, and we will be adding all the lost classmate's info as we find them.  We will also post all the reunion pictures, of course!  The grammar school updates!  And selections from the old-fashioned photo booth!  Feel free to bring props, silly hats, and your monkey mask (doesn't everyone have one) to the reunion to add to the fun!

In addition, we have added a section for shared memories and anecdotes, funny stories, narratives, poems, literary efforts, uploads of photos of works of art, and general group communications.  We are calling it "Visions and Reveries", and it is as simple as e-mailing a submission to Debbie.  You can choose to present it anonymously, if you prefer.

In order to keep the website going, we need to generate some funds.  We thought that a silent auction at the reunion would be a great way for classmates to promote their business, share what they do, or just support the future of the website.  Think of what you have to offer … what, no viable skills?  We would also welcome monetary donations.  And don't miss the silent auction table at the reunion!

We are hoping to find a Glenview person willing to accumulate donations at their place, and to work with us to keep a list of donations posted on the website for previews.

Carol Gibbons (  & Merrilee Bornzin (

Call for Volunteers:

We are asking for someone with graphic art and/or photosizing equipment to create certificates for services and a special project.  This will NOT be a big job!  Talk to Carol Gibbons or Merrilee Bornzin if you are interested

August 17, 2010


Hi Classmates:

We are rapidly approaching the big weekend -  following is some important information.

I am extending the deadline date for filling out the questionnaire until August 27th.  We have received some questionnaires but are looking forward to receiving a lot more.  The more we receive the more fun the reunion booklet will be for everyone to read.  Please go to the web site now and think over the answers you would like to fill in - choose as many questions as you wish to answer and push the submit button so we can receive them soon.  Please don't delay any longer.

We also want to make sure everyone has filled in their profile.  We will be using your profile information in the reunion booklet so make sure you have all the information you want published filled in.  I will not be including any e-mail addresses.  I will include phone numbers you have listed in your profile unless you let me know otherwise.  Again, please complete your profile no later than August 27th.

As you can see from the "Who's Coming" link on the web site, we don’t have a very large turnout yet - Please get on the phone to your friends and encourage them to attend.  It is going to be a fantastic time - photo booth, roving photographer, DJ, good food, drink and company.  What more could you ask for! 

I will be making a mailing to our classmates who don’t have a computer or have not provided an e-mail address, to give them the questionnaire and make sure they are aware of how to pay for the reunion if they are able to attend.  If you know of classmates who don't have a computer, please call them and encourage them to attend.

I would like to find someone who would be interested in video taping the tour at GBS on Saturday, October 2nd. at 11:30 a.m. - where we will meet the Principal in the cafeteria. 

In order to provide management at North Shore and Hackney's with enough lead time, we are establishing a cut-off date of September 5th for registration and payment.  This will also allow us time to order the correct quantity of materials needed and time to prepare those materials (name tags, etc.)

Please get on the phone to your friends today!!!  

Thank you for your efforts.

Debbie (Mason) Grundgeiger