GBS Songs

"Blue and Gold"

(Titan Fight Song)

enbrook South, your spirit will inspire us to the end
And we will fight to never lose our hold!
If we win or lose, we've given all we had
To proudly see our flag unfold!
And in victory your name will ring throughout the land
And we'll be proud to shout your praises true.
So let's hear it for the blue and gold of brave Titan heroes,
Glenbrook South, hats off to you!

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!  Victory, Victory Glenbrook High!

If anyone has a good recording of the above song,
please contact Sean Harvey (
whose father, Clay, wrote this song while the
band director at GBS.  Sean would like to have a
recording for the family.

Glenbrook South Alma Mater

Oh Glenbrook South we honor you;
We pledge our loyalty.
To strive to bring glory
Through our ability.
Tomorrow and forever we'll
All remember you;
Our Fighting Titan spirit
Will always see us through!